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[SIP P2P Service is coming]
EarthLink's lab released a proof-of-concept application showing off how SIP can be used for purposes other than what it was designed--VOICE. The proof of concept shows off the concept of sharing data, ala KAZAA. It's called SIPshare, and is a peer-to-peer application designed to show how SIP -- for Session Initiation Protocol -- can be used for more than its typical collaboration and voice over IP.

요즘 Voice Communication(Real-Time VoIP, Asynchronous Voice Posting) 쪽 리서치를 하고 있는데..몇가지 방향성이 보이는 듯 하다. 그 중 한가지가 Peer to Peer.
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☞ 내 이글루에 이 글과 관련된 글 쓰기 (트랙백 보내기) [도움말]
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